Transforming Policing: Mobilising to meet 21st Century Challenges

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Transforming Policing: Mobilising to meet 21st Century Challenges

January 4, 2016

Transforming Policing Seminar on Tuesday 19th January, 09:30 – 13:00, St. James Hotel and Club, London.

Policing is under pressure. Managing tight resources without compromising operations can be difficult. Innovative application of technology can help forces work smarter and be more efficient without compromise. Join us at the St James Hotel & Club and learn about what is available, how it can help and how to achieve successful adoption.

Providing an emphasis on thought leadership, the event will include presentations by Microsoft Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin; former Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Simon Parr; and Black Marble’s Managing Director Robert Hogg. They will frame the conversation around an innovative approach to how mobility and technology can transform an organisation as a whole, without compromising its core purpose.

In light of the recent Peel Efficiency Reports, it is more important than ever to find ways to drive efficiencies throughout policing. Mobile, consumer-grade devices, such as tablets and smart phones can all contribute to creating a police force not constrained by a need to return to the station. Software such as the award-winning application, tuServ, can enable real-time communication and access to information from across a force’s IT systems. All this can be delivered without compromising operational policing and can offer benefits around accuracy of and access to information for those officers who need it, wherever they are.

Join us at the St James Hotel & Club, London on 19th January. The event will begin at 9:30am, run until 1:00pm and include lunch. You will benefit from the opportunity to engage with people who have experience of successful delivery of policing solutions and to get hands-on with the software and devices being discussed.

To register your interest in attending, please complete our Contact Form or call Lisa on +44 1274 300175.

Speaker Details

Dave Coplin is the Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK and an established thought leader on the role of technology in our personal and professional lives. He has worked across a wide range of industries and customers, providing strategic advice and guidance around the intersection of a modern society and technology both inside and outside of the world of work. Dave is passionate about turning the base metal of technology into valuable assets that affect the way we live work and play and in so doing, move the focus from the technology itself to the outcome it enables.

His first book: “Business Reimagined”, provided a view of a new working environment based on collaborative and flexible working. His latest book, “The Rise of the Humans” provides a further call to action, for both individuals and organisations to harness the digital deluge, to rise up and take back control of the potential that technology offers our society.

Dave can be found on Twitter - @dcoplin and at his on-line home,

Simon Parr was appointed Chief Constable for Cambridgeshire in September 2010, following three years as the Deputy Chief Constable in Hertfordshire.

He joined Hertfordshire Constabulary in January 2004 and served as Deputy Chief Constable from 2006, during which time he was responsible for Corporate Services, which includes Human Resources, organisational planning and development and change management.

Simon previously spent 20 years with Sussex Police, during which time he was head of control rooms department and also commander of East Downs Division. Simon was latterly head of the Operations Department for Sussex Police and was involved in the management of several major incidents; most noticeably the Lewes floods in 2000 and the public order policing of several party conferences in Brighton.

Most recently he has been the driving force behind changes to the way policing in Cambridgeshire is delivered that meet the Government’s budget cuts. Force cuts have led to a new model for policing in the county and closer operational collaboration with forces in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

As a consequence he became involved in the development and use of ICT in policing to ensure more efficient working and preservation of the frontline, and has retained this interest since retiring from the service in July 2015. He is currently working on behalf of the service and the Home Office on the National Police Data Programme. Simon is a Member of Windsor Leadership Trust, a charitable organisation designed to develop leaders across private and public sector in Britain.

Robert Hogg is co-founder and Managing Director of Black Marble, as well as a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. He has been developing professionally for more than 25 years and for the last 10 years as an Architect at Black Marble. Robert has presented at both National and International Microsoft conferences. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS), a chartered IT professional (CITP), a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and was awarded Honorary Fellow in Computing by the University of Hull. Additionally Robert is involved with a series of community projects from events (such as DDD North) and is an advocate for encouraging young people to code, through running his own schools events, and supporting the Imagine Cup.