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Officers trying out tuServ on HoloLens

03 Apr 2017

Over the last couple of months, we have taken the opportunity to demonstrate tuServ running on the HoloLens to different police forces, and had some great feedback.

Supt. Nick Lyall, Bedfordshire Constabulary said "Having looked at the kit, as a public order and firearms commander I can say that without doubt it's use, through tuServ will revolutionize policing for years to come. As a detective i can also say that its ability to scan crime scenes and create a mapped 3d version will allow for a reduction in cross contamination issues and allow for investigators to visualise in real time the scenes of major crime.  The vision and innovation of BM is ground-breaking and I look forward to taking this forward of behalf of UK policing and policing worldwide."

Officers using tuServ

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