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Mixed Reality Command and Control, and Crime Scene Capture

15 Oct 2017

Did you catch this? Great write-up of how Black Marble has used Microsoft HoloLens to help revolutionise Crime Scene Investigation with tuServ.  

Through the use of HoloLens, employees are able to transform the manner in which they communicate, create, collaborate, and explore to provide a better experience, improve business collaboration and much much more.

With Scene of Crime, officers can place virtual markers, without contaminating the crime scene, as well as capturing multi-media evidence eliminating the risk of disturbing the physical evidence at the scene.

Communication, collaboration and cooperation are the basis of any police operation, and through tuServ’s HoloLens Command and Control App,that delivers the agility that a force needs to be responsive and reactive in a high-pressure environment where every minute counts.

“The vision and innovation of Black Marble is ground-breaking, and I look forward to taking this forward of behalf of UK policing and policing worldwide.”
— Nick Lyall, Superintendent, The Bedfordshire Police

Other media outlets also picked up the story.

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