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Frontline Feedback – TOR (Traffic Offence Report) a Sneak Peek

14 Jan 2020

Frontline Feedback brings together tweets from real officers using tuServ. This time we’re focusing on what officers getting an early insight into the TOR (Traffic Offence Report) process have to say, ahead of its eagerly awaited live release to North Yorkshire Police.

  • I have been trialling the TOR process on tuServ with the team at HQ. Looks really good & will be a welcome benefit
    - Sgt from North Yorkshire Police
  • With the involvement of drop down boxes it’ll be so quick and efficient
    - PC from North Yorkshire Police
  • Got to play with the new TORs on BMtuServ today. So quick and easy and going to be awesome when they go live
    - PC from North Yorkshire Police

Our Senior Business Development Manager cannot wait to get TOR live in North Yorkshire Police, providing the officers with the best and most effective tools to do their job – “anything we can do to make the frontline’s experience of using tuServ enjoyable is worthwhile. Providing police forces with the functionality to carry out their job more efficiently makes me incredibly proud to do the job I do

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