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Frontline Feedback – helping to keep officers out and about

20 Dec 2019

Frontline Feedback brings together tweets from real officers using tuServ. This time we’re focusing on what officers using tuServ have said about how tuServ is helping them stay out and about in the public eye.

  • Lots of enquiries out and about today greatly assisted with BMtuServ allowing us to stay out in the community and on the road
    - PC from North Yorkshire Police
  • MG11 completed roadside means still out and about
    – PC from North Yorkshire Police – the officer stopped someone who drive through a red light.
  • As a Response PC hoping to get into road policing it’s a huge help enabling me to stay out on the road for longer
    - PC from North Yorkshire Police
  • Without BMtuServ this wouldn’t of been possible
    - Traffic Officer from North Yorkshire – the officer is referring to a time when the biometrics module confirmed the ID of a stopped driver.

We at Black Marble are delighted that tuServ is bringing so much welcome benefit to the officer’s efficiency and ability to remain out of the station, enabling them to fulfil their role in a more effective way.

For the latest tuServ developments find us on twitter @bmtuServ

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