About tuServ

Process Management

tuServ’s process management enables officers to easily and seamlessly include information gathered in the course of an incident to meet regulatory requirements without leaving the scene, returning to the station, or switching device or application.

Any information gathered either as a result of an officer’s entry or Search in the Event Dashboard, can be used to populate the fields within a process. This saves time, as officers no longer need to hand write the same content into multiple forms, particularly when processing multiple tickets to an individual.

Plus any information added directly into the process, will also be synced back into the Dashboard, so there is no duplication or undermining of data quality efforts.

By joining up the processes in tuServ, other incidents or highlights in the system relating to the individual can be found, e.g. a warrant for arrest. This might not be flagged in a manual paper-based system until the officer is back at the station and the details are being entered into the system.

Key Features

  • Easily re-use information from Event Dashboard without the need to re-key.
  • Enables unique and time-saving activities such as collecting witness signatures.
  • Current processes include; Intelligence report, Investigation report, Statement (MG11) and Stop/Search.