About tuServ



The same technology that enables efficient incident management and operational awareness through Around Me and Event Dashboard, also empowers officers with a replacement for the paper notebook. Information recorded in tuServ’s Notebook is immediately available to other officers. tuServ’s Notebook is a huge leap forward from an officer’s traditional paper-based notebook, with all the added benefits available from leveraging the multi-media capabilities of a tablet, laptop or phone. It provides not only text capture, but also the capability to capture video, audio, photographs, drawings, and signatures that couldn’t be done with a paper notebook.

All officers in the force will be able to search against their own Notebook, and that of their colleagues, without having to return to the station! Search covers local entries on the devices (retained for 3 months), as well as entries up to 6 years from the backend system.

Enabling officers to make better and safer decisions based on accurate, timely information.


Any information captured as part of an officer’s notebook follows a strict process to ensure that the information cannot be tampered with externally. Plus, other officers can only search against and view the entries; they cannot alter them. In terms of security, everything is done behind the scenes, and different authentication options are available for forces. Please talk to us for more information on our security model.

tuServ is designed to be evidentiary correct, and all entries have an export function that will create a representation of the data, a snapshot across all media, that can be shared and used in court.

Key Features

All Notebook’s key features make it a strong evidence gathering tool:

  • Add text, audio, video, drawings and images.
  • Evidentially correct with full audit tracking and tamper protection.
  • Search your own and other officers’ entries.
  • Enables digital signing by officers and members of the public.
  • Enables rapid sharing of content with other officers and allows a collaborative to their policing duties.
In my 25 years service this has to be the most useful bit of IT I have ever seen/used. It will be the best tool for capturing and documenting evidence at a scene ever given to a Police Officer. Police Constable, Cambridgeshire Constabulary.