About tuServ


With tuServ on Android, our Biometrics module is also available! Developed with the Home Office and Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, Constabularies, officers can capture biometrics in two simple steps! Officers no longer need to rely on individuals providing accurate details. Instead, officers can capture two prints. Once captured and a quality rating established, a multiple system search will begin. Any matches will be returned with a confidence rating, providing assurance that the individual has been correctly identified.

The biometrics process can be provided as an integrated module of tuServ or be a standalone application. Integrating the biometrics capture as part of tuServ allows the officer to choose whether to search for a suspect across police systems, or capture the suspects biometrics. Once any terms and conditions have been agreed by the suspect, the officer can begin the biometrics capture process.

To capture the biometrics, the suspect will be asked to place a certain finger onto the fingerprint reader, then release once a print has been captured. This process is repeated twice before the prints are submitted for search, and results are returned. If a force has adopted the Event Dashboard tuServ module, any person data returned will be displayed within the officers Event Dashboard that they are currently working in. The officer is guided throughout the entire process, step by step, with tuServ’s clear and simple user interface. Notes and tips for the officer will appear throughout to assist.